10% of profit from to go to charities

Altex Marketing, a leading internet marketing agency in Estonia, is earmarking 10% of next year’s net profit of for charitable donations. The contribution will be shared between Estonian Union for Child Welfare, Estonian Fund for Nature and Community Tools.

“We believe in the right mindset from the get-go. You don’t have to super-wealthy to share profit, knowledge and skills,” explained Tõnis Hinnosaar, director at Altex Marketing, why the company chose to incorporate a corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy into a new service even before demonstrated financial results.

“Doing anything else would mean ascribing to the rehepapp mentality,” added Hinnosaar. His colleague Andri Viiand emphasized that Altex hopes to encourage other businesses to contribute more for the common good. “We know from research that people are more likely to give if they know others are giving, so we’d like to further a culture of charity in Estonia.”

At the end of 2011 the affiliates of will be able to vote on division of the money between the three charities. Estonian Fund for Nature is seeking support to help protect Estonia’s bats, Community Tools, the web-based platform for building groups of like-minded individuals, needs help with development and Estonian Union for Child Welfare wishes to support the youth camps it operates at a economically difficult time.

The donations are funded from the profits of, a new online network that allows advertisers to pay for results, not promises. The affiliate marketing model means that advertisers are only billed if the campaign works in delivering leads, sales or other predefined actions.

“ is on course to reach 90% of the online population in Estonia by spring 2011,” said network chief Pjotr Tsvetkov. Since launch in November 2010 has grown fast and attracted advertisers and partners such as Elion, Õhtuleht, Eesti Päevaleht, Äripäev, BigBank, BookingHouse, Topshop, Ferratum, Fotki, Adnet, Ferratum and Media House amongst others.

Altex Marketing has a proven track record of CSR as the first specialist Internet marketing agency in Estonia. Dozens of free online marketing events have helped nurture a vibrant and competitive online marketing industry. In an ongoing commitment, Altex Marketing recently agreed to support Garage48HUB in 2011 with free event tickets, workshops and promotional services to encourage entrepreneurship in Estonia. Outside the e-marketing world, the company has provided free consultancy, training, event tickets and equipment to Heategu Foundation. Earlier in 2010 they conducted a campaign for ELF and helped them become the winners of Green Hero Award (UK) for the Teeme Ära project.

Additional information:
Tõnis Hinnosaar
Technical Director
512 3086

Andri Viiand
553 1434

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