10 reasons why your grandpa is like MS Word


Here are the top 10 reasons why your grandpa is like Microsoft Word. Feel free to comment and add your own.

  1. 1. It takes a while to get him up and running
  2. 2. It’s good to know that he’s around even though you don’t really need him
  3. 3. Most of what he suggests don’t make sense
  4. 4. You can correct his errors as many times as you like – he’ll still keep making them
  5. 5. The term “menu” does not necessarily mean you’re actually going to get something edible out of it
  6. 6. You can spend hours while sitting with him around the table
  7. 7. After a while you’ll know what to avoid
  8. 8. If he catches a virus the whole family gets sick
  9. 9. Every time he does not die, you feel like congratulations are in order
  10. 10. When you run out of space, you’ll most likely to get rid of him first

Hope I wasn’t too harsh 🙂

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