404 error pages

Sometimes when you visit a website you can’t find the page you are looking for and see an error page. Often it looks like this:
Leo Expressi error page or Postimees 404 page (neither are good because you feel like you have made a mistake and have no way to navigate to the right page) but sometimes companies make a bit more effort and you get something like this: Hansapank 404 error page (not perfect because they still imply you have made a mistake and not them)
or Elion 404 error page which is still pretty unhelpful too!

If you check our site then you see something different and hopefully more useful.

We are not the only ones using 404 pages for some marketing (and fun)

Check your site logs and see how many of your website visitors see error messages. Sometimes it’s more than 20% of visitors so its a good idea to do something about it.

  • Check the BBC 404 page (much more helpful)
  • We really like the 404 research lab from Plinko.

Article written by Robin Gurney

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