altex marketing vacancy – Tallinn Estonia

altex has a full time vacancy based in Tallinn, Estonia.

Maybe you work at a web design agency ?

You are not a techie or a designer but you may have some skills in those areas.
You understand the commercial potential of the internet.

or perhaps you work in a marketing or advertising agency or the marketing department of a well known Estonian organisation?

You know all about offline (traditional) marketing and realise that much of your knowledge and skills can be applied to the internet.

You accept that internet marketing does not just mean banner advertising.

You hate spam.

Obviously you think “internet marketing” has potential and that being part of altex would be a good move for you…and us… and most important, our clients.

You do not just want a job, a list of duties and tasks but want to
influence and shape the future of the company you work for.

You want variety and a chance to own a slice of the action.

You want to learn new things and you are not afraid to ask “why?”

You committed to giving our clients a competitive advantage in their markets.

altex offers 15,000 eek NET per month during a 3 month trial period for an experienced person from sales, marketing, advertising or internet background.

The work is varied as you would expect in small agency>

You will learn specialist internet marketing skills.
You will be working on client projects, assisting with sales and admin, market research and more boring, menial tasks like filing or making coffee if necessary.

You will be expected to have a proactive “can do” attitude and an
ability to work in a team AND autonomously when required.

After your trial period, subject to xyz, you will offered an improved
package, more responsibility, a senior and a more vocal role in altex.

Yep, this is a big opportunity in a small but exciting fast/growth company.

Naturally your spoken and written Estonian is excellent (you will have to write documents that will be read by directors of leading Estonian organisations) and you speak English well enough to deal with me (Robin) and our foreign partners.
Of course you can use all the usual standard office software (word,
excel, powerpoint)
An additional language would be good and a driving licence/car.

If you are interested then fire me (in English please) a one page A4 CV including the most important bit (why you want to work at altex – if it’s just the money then you are the wrong person)

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