About Us

E-commerce Internet Marketing and Web Development services internationally.

As experienced online marketers and web developers we understand it is often difficult to choose the right expert for your project.

Whether it is a E-commerce expert, designer, Web developer, SEO expert, PPC expert, search marketing or Email marketing expert we can help.

Altex Experts brings together International project teams of top e-commerce experts and clients around the globe.

We have done Internet Marketing in all European countries + USA and Russia.

Not sure of the campaign idea?

No worries we take care of everything from brainstorming the best solution for you to the final click of a button to put your online campaign “live”.
Guaranteed quality of work, best practices and results.

Just check out how we have already helped many clients!

Who is in our expert team?

We have 300+ top web developers, web designers and internet marketers of this galaxy in our team including:

  • Client Advisers: 24
  • Web Project Managers: 12
  • AdWords experts: 8
  • Designers: 10+
  • Web developers: 30+
  • SEO experts: 5
  • Copywriters: 8

Many experts means we can offer many interrelated services.
Check out our services list.

Through our team you have access to cost effective internet marketing & advertising excellence. You can be sure everything is handled Online swiftly and worry free!

If you only have a very small and specific web related task  that needs to be done then maybe freelancer.com will suite your needs better.
If you have web project with more than one task, then get in touch with us!

Want to ask a question?
Here are some quick ways to get in touch:

Telephone: +372 553 1434
Email: info@altex-experts.com
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Founding member of TYPO3 User Group Estonia

Altex has been offering online marketing solutions since 2005.