Aivar Tsarski, Mart Poom, Thomas Edur ja Vorstid

Last night I had the pleasure to meet a bunch of new Estonian people at a party in London Embassy to say “tsau” to the outgoing Consul, Aivar Tsarski (thanks for the party Aivar).

Mart Poom sadly had no gossip about about the new Estonian Football Team manager (too early – but he was number 2 when Denmark surprisingly won the Euros in 1992 I think)
Thomas (Toomas?) Edur (who I recently saw dance Swan Lake at the Royal Albert Hall) seems to have adopted an English (not so different to Estonian anyway) sense of humour and we had a good laugh.

Both were accompanied by their wives – Mart had his kids too.

How refreshing it was. I have met a few celebs over the years and these two guys were really down to earth.

That’s the end of my “Chronika” 😉 report from London.

Ahhh I do actually have one bit of gossip about Tanel Padar….. no, maybe I should keep that quiet… for now, anyway….

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Lars —

Hmm, looks like you’re about to track which name will collect more hits for this post – Mart or Tanel 🙂

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Robin Gurney

Lars: my bet’s on Tanel…after all you heard the rumour haven’t you..I mean, who would have guessed….

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