altex export plans for 2010

In 2009 it seems our revenue and profit will be both be slightly up but not at the target level we set last year.
The recession has had an impact of course for some services and also there has been an explosion in the both the volume of internet marketing projects going around but also in the number of companies offering internet marketing services which is good for our industry – but also of course means we don’t win as many jobs. Some of the new players with less experience are gaining experience by offering silly prices – something we don’t do. Of course I would warn companies that there is a risk to outsourcing to agencies with little experience but I am not going into that here and now.

Still though this year we have focused on positioning and by spending a relatively large sum to be present at numerous events we think we have got some more “top of mind” space.
It seems that when Estonians say “internetiturundus” they still think of altex which is good.

But anyway this post is supposed to be about export! – we want to export more.

altex has reached a size (12 people) that we can’t rely on the domestic market to deliver enough growth and whilst we have done work for clients in 10 countries so far it has been sort of random.
This week we had enquiries from Greece, Italy and Lithuania for example.

So 2010 we will focus attention on 4 areas and may add more during the year:

UK- we have always been interested and signs are that UK companies are more open to outsourcing than before. Our membership of and participation in the Institute of Direct Marketing is beginning to show fruit.

Finland – being part of PointEstonia is a starting point for us and we are convinced that Finland is a good market and price quality ratio we offer should be attractive there especially as we now have Finnish language capacity for a range of services.

Sweden – We are a member of the Velvet Creative Alliance and we will be working with them on targeting more Swedish business. It’s a new challenge for us.

USA – Meelis is off to America to look at the music business. He will be attending a big conference and looking for leads to help promote international artists to European markets.

and… Costa Rica!

Costa Rica is the most developed and richest central American country and somewhat of a gateway to the region. English is widely spoken and there is a booming tourism sector that serves the US market. Tourism e-marketing is on the rise there. Plus I speak Spanish personally so I have the enviable job this winter of spending time in Costa Rica to check out the market (and the beaches) and see what the potential is.

We would like to add Russia and China but…not yet.

Of course we will continue to focus the majority of our attention on the domestic (Estonian) market – it’s just that export is rising on the agenda.

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