altex is expanding and needs 5 new people

Internet marketing is growing in popularity at least if you count the business that we are doing at altex.
Whilst we acknowledge that overall the full impact of the recession is yet to be witnessed here in the Baltics we are still seeing strong growth.

Some (wise) traditional marketers are switching a larger percentage of their decreased marketing budgets to internet marketing because its possible to demonstrate positive results and make performance guarantees. So whilst the budget is cut, results aren’t. Smart.

Some (unwise) marketers still resist and focus spending exclusively on offline advertising and traditional banner ads online – that will continue for some time to be the case (dinosaurs took a while to die out) but as Nike’s Trevor Edwards said (to media executives) recently in an excellent article:

“We’re not in the business of keeping the media companies alive, we’re in the business of connecting with consumers.”

Altex is fortunate that many of its clients are innovators or quality imitators and have had positive experiences with online marketing.
It means they are gaining some competitive edge in increasingly tough marketplaces.
It means we keep busy, innovate and make some money too.

All this blah blah is to convince you to come and join the team.
altex is investing a serious sum of money in expansion to create more competitive advantages for our Estonian, Baltic and UK clients.
The majority of that investment will be in people.

We are currently looking for:

Public Relations Executive – you are great at writing in Estonian and pretty good at English too. You will be working on key contracts and also helping develop and execute our own on- and offline PR strategy
You will work closely with Kris Keerov and David Phillips (see in the areas of:
digital auditing, social media marketing (blogging, MySpace, Orkut etc), press release writing and search engine marketing but as with everyone at altex you will be expected to be flexible and help out where needed.

SalesPerson – we get plenty of leads and we intend to increase our PR and marketing activity and so we will get more. Your job will be to open the doors wider and close deals or set up deals for the directors to close.
We would also expect you to be innovative and generate your own business leads by following the business and trade media looking for opportunities.
You need to demonstrate you have successful experience of selling advertising or marketing agency services but they don’t need be digital.
You will work closely with Robin and the other directors.

Office Junior – you are young and organised and want a step up. You will be expected to spend your first year doing whatever is necessary in the office. You will be filing, making coffees, running errands, making calls, dealing with some suppliers. A mixed role, very busy, never boring and you get a promise that after one year you will get an opportunity to work in internet marketing services.
Age and experience is not important but you must be hard working, friendly and flexible.

PA – Robin, that’s me, is getting increasingly busy and needs “an experienced someone” to help him make better use of his time.
You will work alongside him helping to create reports, proposals, presentations and other documents.
You will organise his calendar and meetings and make sure he has got all he needs so we can squeeze some more juice out of him 😉
No doubt Robin will throw all sorts of tasks your way and you will be expected to handle them all smoothly.
You will have to have a thick skin (Robin speaks his mind), be hard working, have a slightly dark sense of humour (if you like Monty Python, football, League of Gentlemen or Little Britain it would help) and be very well organised.
You have excellent English language skills and have mastered Microsoft Office.
You may be required to go on business trips.

Techie – you are great at HTML, CSS and PHP. In fact you are probably brilliant and if you have an understanding of marketing and advertising then that would be perfect.
You will work alongside Tõnis, Merle, Kris and Meelis mostly helping to create innovative web solutions for our clients (note: you won’t be building big boring corporate websites).
You will be involved in email marketing, search engine optimisation, digital auditing and managing our own small websites.
You can handle pressure, work fast and most important – communicate well in both English and Estonian and have a friendly sociable attitude.
You have experience of working in a busy web agency.
You can work either in Tallinn or our Rakvere office (opens in August)

Salaries for all positions are negotiable but above average for our sector.
If you are interested then send me an email robin at altex dot ee explaining why you might be right for altex and why we need you.
Attach your CV in English too please.

altex is an equal opportunities employers and welcomes applications from people irrespective of their race, colour, creed, age, sexual orientation or disability. If you don’t celebrate diversity then altex is definitely not for you

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