altex is hiring again!

altex has a vacancy or two for young (minded) internet marketers. Part time or Full time.

1. You have internet abilities (programming and/or design) or you can write quality copy (in Estonian)
2. You accept that internet marketing does not just mean banner advertising.
3. You want variety and a chance to own a % of the company you work for (we mean shares)
4. You want to learn new things and you are not afraid to ask “why?”
5. You will be expected to have a proactive “can do” attitude and an ability to work in a team AND autonomously when required. The work is varied as you would expect in small agency.
6. Your spoken and written Estonian is good and you speak English well enough to deal with me (Robin) and our foreign partners.

If you speak fluently and can write Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish or German then that’s a big bonus for us and you 🙂

Oh and you don’t mind if you have to go to England now and then if necessary. We open Uk operations early Jan.

If you are interested then fire me (in English please) a one page A4 CV including the most important bit (why you want to work at altex – if it’s just the money then you are the wrong person). E-mail: robin at altex ee

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