Altex Marketing Partners with Pärnu Marketing Conference 2009

Altex Marketing is pleased to announce its partnership with Pärnu Marketing Conference 2009.

Altex will assist in defining the e-marketing content of the conference, recruiting e-marketing speakers and running e-marketing workshops.

In addition Altex will act as the e-marketing agency for the event – promoting it online via various channels including email, search engine, blogs and social media.

Toomas Tamsar said: ““We chose to partner with altex because we want on one hand to give more attention to internet marketing – no hype, real and practical stuff. On the other, e-marketing is no different from “normal” marketing so the communities should not be separated. We have done work with altex before and they know what they are doing. Also, Robin Gurney, MD of altex, has been a speaker at Pärnu Turunduskonverents and knows how thoroughly we want our speakers to be prepared, so this is a good basis for cooperation.”

Robin Gurney, Director at Altex Marketing claimed: “This is a proud moment for altex. Pärnu Marketing Conference is a main event in the Estonian marketing calendar and to be appointed as partner is a validation of the hard work and strong results we have delivered for clients over the past 3+ years.”

He added “The e-marketing element of the programme will be valuable especially valuable for Estonian marketers feeling the squeeze in the current economic climate”.

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