altex marketing's strategic holdings

altex has recently taken stakes in two companies.

The most recent one is a nominal 5% stake in Trinidad Consulting OÜ.
A specialist web and software usability consultancy who we see as a valuable partner on future projects.
altex has been working in usability for some time but we see a lot of value in strengthening our offering through close cooperation with other experts.
We also recognise that usability is one of the key growth areas in the Estonia market.
As the economic climate worsens companies will seek to improve conversion rates and client retention (rather than throw money at marketing acquisition programs) and improving usability is a perfect and cost effective way to do that.

Prior to that we took 20% in a UK company called MediaDash Limited (no website yet).
MediaDash applies Artificial Intelligence to aid the communications industries.
It brings practical applications to the communications industry from the worlds of mashups, hacks, widgets and semantics.
With teams of communications, new media and programming specialists from around the world, we bring communicator friendly web-based solutions by developing open source, bespoke and backend programmes.

MediaDash can:

Extract content from web pages
Count links, articles, words, and other online content
Turn audio to text
Summarise texts
Apply automated précis to digital clip books
Automate inference evaluation
Identify online values and value systems
Integrate content from multiple pages
Provide automated reports, outputs and widget displays
Offer automated real time evaluation of online events

Our involvement in both companies and our recent agreement to supply support services to eFootprint Limited demonstrate our ongoing commitment to internet public relations and web usability.

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