altex rejects Snoobi partnership

We all make mistakes. We are human.
In 2008 altex became a (Snoobi) partner, in fact the highest level partner they had, because we liked the look of the product and thought the company, Snoobi Baltic, had potential in the Estonian market.
We were wrong.

So despite the fact we received the highest level of training and certification and still understand the Snoobi product very well we recently withdrew from our partnership and now say to our partners and clients that we can no longer recommend Snoobi in Estonia.

Well obviously I don’t want to go into contractual details as that would not be right but I can say that I now realise the poor and slow way Snoobi Baltic handles sales, marketing and partner relations.

It is my opinion that, despite the success of the Finnish “parent company” and the product being actually quite interesting (that’s what initially attracted us), there is currently little point in Estonian companies exploring a relationship with Snoobi Baltic- especially when you consider that it appears that they have been unable to win a single Estonian client (not been able to show one to us anyway).

There is obviously something badly wrong at Snoobi Baltic and I would urge people to exercise caution before doing business with Snoobi Baltic.

As I said at the beginning of this post it was our mistake, mine really, an error of judgement to do business with them and I feel it is necessary to clarify to the Estonian marketplace that we have nothing to do with them anymore.

I could go into more detail but for the public arena I think I have said enough.

NOTE: Whilst the decision to reject Snoobi Baltic as an altex partner is an altex decision the rest of the views expressed in this post are mine personally and do not necessarily reflect the views of altex as a company.

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Henrik Aavik

Quite contrary – you didnt say ehough. “There is obviously something badly wrong at Snoobi Baltic” is definately not enough. Explain!

I have never used em, but client ask about them and I cant explain, that they are bad because “Altex-Rob hates em”.

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Robin Gurney

Henrik, all i can say in public is that I advise caution. I am sure that there are some companies, perhaps including their other partners (note: one partner is also a shareholder so ask for disclosure), who speak highly of them and have great experience or relations with them. If your clients are interested in Snoobi then speak to them, why not? They might be right for you/your clients – I can’t say they 100% would not be. You will note that we have nothing against the developing product so if you can forge a trusting relationship with them then good for you. We tried and were patient but we rarely saw any evidence that they could become the sort of supplier suitable for OUR clients and that they absolutely failed to impress us when it came to the terms and spirits of our agreement.
We don’t hate Snoobi. This is purely business -nothing personal.

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Robin Gurney

Actually there seems to be a more complete? list of partners here on the parent company site. Shouldn’t they be promoted here on the Estonian site?

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Mihkel —

Hmmm… “one partner is also a shareholder so ask for disclosure” – äriregister doesn’t confirm that claim

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Robin Gurney

Hmmmm… that’s what i was told by Snoobi but I confess i have not checked the register so it might be a personal name and not a business one. Its not really for me to disclose the name as it may have been given confidentially. However I am sure the person/company is reading this so perhaps they will comment directly… or perhaps I was mislead but I am pretty sure that’s not the case.

I remember it well because it was an issue that arose in our partner negotiations.

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