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As our lovely Birgit Naur and former Captain of the Altex Marketing ship, Robin Gurney, set sails to new horizons and took on new goals and adventures, they left Estonia in 2012.

In October they moved to Anda, Bohol, in Philippines and found peaceful and in some ways more simple life there.

Robin Gurney and family (source:

But being the generous souls they are, they soon felt that they needed to make a difference with their presence there for the locals and they especially wanted to help the local children and improve their standard of life. So instead of just sitting around and thinking about it, they are making every day count, and they are just doing exactly that, through the ANDAKIDZ organisation.

Now as many of Altex Marketing, Altex Experts and members and friends have already embraced this charity and shown and given their support, we would like to also encourage you to take a look and to find out more about it. Even the smallest of things can sometimes be of big help and great source of joy for the kids.

You can follow ANDAKIDZ on Facebook to find out more, show support, or see the updates and photos.
ANDAKIDZ also has an excellent website that showcases all the work and achievements and keeps you updated on the latest developments. Be sure to check that out as well.

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