Altex’s Google „Winter Days” in Dublin

2010 was especially challenging for Altex.

Our repositioning process got well underway (its still not finished) and as a result there were some personnel and service changes and a greater focus on exports (about 50% of our turnover for 2010). We also acquired a couple of other businesses and that took time and money of course.

Nevertheless we managed to grow turnover a few percent and make profit.
That’s 5 years of growth and 5 years of profit. Can’t complain about that.

BUT we had no time for summer days…booo!

So as „thank you” to the Altex team we decided to have a rather special „winter days” instead.
Through our partnership with Google (Adwords) we were invited (thanks Karl) to Dublin for training and a tour of the facilities. Eight of us went.

It was great fun and we learned a lot too which we help our clients get more ROI from Google and Google Adwords in particular.

Among the personal highlights of the trip was wining 46.25€ on the horses at Leopardstown Races on Sunday….that and a few Guinesses of course.

I also used the opportunity to announce a decision that had been brewing for some time.
This is my last week as boss of Altex.

Over the last 5 (and a half) years I have been pleased with the fact that „Altex Marketing“ has created strong awareness and earned a good reputation in the field of internet marketing in Estonia.

But I have also noticed that I am not the best business or people manager in the world – but perhaps I am not the worst one either…

So I have decided to step aside and let someone, who has much stronger abilities than me in team and work management, take over.

Andri Viiand will be the new boss from next Monday.

He has the full support of the rest of the board and is „up for the challenge”.

I will continue to work for Altex of course but my role will change and I am sure the new boss will let me know where he thinks I can add the most value 😉

Andri is a great guy, a fantastic project manager and has the desire and energy to lead Altex in the future.
The foundations have been laid, now its time to build on them and Andri is the best person for that job.
It is an honor, fun and a lot of hard work to start and develop a business but sometimes the smartest decision is to recognize when you have someone in the team who could do your job better than you and to step aside and let them take the company on exciting and profitable new journeys.

So well done Andri and good luck 🙂

P.S. More Dublin stories to follow from other Altexors..

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I am a bit confused, Robin, since your person has been much of an embodiment of Altex in my eyes. That said, I am convinced that Andri is going to pick up the thread where you finish and I wish him well in the new capacity. May I also take this opportunity to thank you for our co-operation through these years?

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Robin Gurney

Thanks Larko. Don’t worry I will still be involved in altex, very much so. Just my role will change to add better value to the company and our clients/partners.Doing the MD thing is time consuming and I think, on reflection, my time is better spent elsewhere in the company.

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