AngloEstonian Launch Party Report

Thanks to Dr Margus Laidre, The Estonian Ambassador to the UK, and his team the AngloEstonian launch was a friendly, buzzy and apparently pretty successful little event.
Another special thank you must go to the speakers Malthe Sigurdsson (Skype), Sam Michel (Chinwag) and Jason Boorman (Blue Barracuda) who set the tone perfectly.

I know personally that (already) a number of high value, concrete and serious and deals are now possible, even probable, directly as a result of the meeting.
I am aware of one deal being closed already too.
And that’s down to the quality, not the quantity, the agency representatives who came.

These deals include short and long term outsourcing, setting up production arms and, as humbly predicted in my speech, acquisition interest – Estonian New Media sector has increased its footprint, in London anyway 🙂

Videos of the opening speeches by Dr Margus Laidre, Malthe, Sam, Jason and myself will go up to YouTube, photos to Flickr
– we announce when they are ready here.

Äripäev were there and got some interviews so watch out for the story…

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