Big Picture: Ashley Highfield

From the FT website:

The BBC’s investments in new media have put the state-funded broadcaster in the unlikely position of Europe’s biggest dotcom. Ashley Highfield, head of the BBC’s new “future media and technology” division, has pioneered online downloads and interactive television, and helped attract a fast-growing online audience for the broadcaster’s journalism and programming in the UK and beyond.

At the Edinburgh television festival, he set out the BBC’s digital strategy for the next five years, with his vision of what the “digital home” will mean in the on-demand world of 2011. “Key parts of our long term strategy (are) to move beyond broadcasting, down the distribution chain into find, play, and share services.” Do you agree this is the only way forward for the broadcaster?

On Wednesday from 2.30pm BST, Mr Highfield will answer readers’ questions on the challenges and opportunities in a world where search, metadata and user-generated content are bringing radical changes to broadcasters’ business models and the value of their archives.

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