Atlantic Treaty Association Statement on Estonia

ATA is concerned about the harsh and aggressive tone used by Russian representatives against Estonia, a NATO member. The decision of the Estonian Government to relocate a set of war graves, together with the monument for fallen soldiers, to a more suitable place, the Military Graveyard in Tallinn, is an internal matter of Estonia.

ATA disapproves of the blockade of Estonian Embassy in Moscow by Nashi youth and calls upon the Russian Government to comply with the Vienna Convention. In this respect, we align ourselves with last week’s NATO statement.

The fact that Russian politicians have called for the resignation of the Estonian government and its prime minister is unacceptable interference in the domestic affairs of a neighboring country and is damaging to a normal dialogue between Estonia and Russia.

The cyber attacks from Russian government locations against Estonian governments, the Presidents office, and other homepages and servers are being done systematically and professionally. These cyber attacks could be dangerous for the security of both NATO and EU.

Economic or trade sanctions on Estonia must not be imposed; that would also mean imposing sanctions on the EU as a whole.

ATA supports Estonia at this difficult time and calls on the Russian government to engage in a proper and peaceful dialogue about the present situation and future steps.
Atlantic Treaty Association

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