Ave Peetri from ETV: 5th speaker at E!6

As the next Eturundus! 6 will take place in Sõprus Cinema (Sept 7th 2-5pm) we need LOTS OF PEOPLE !

The cinema holds 280 people and we would like to see a full house.

Hell, we will even offer free popcorn if we have to !

But the real good news is that Ave Peetri, Marketing Director of Estonian Television, has agreed to speak too.

So the line up is pretty impressive – please SPREAD THE WORD…please 🙂

1. Epp-Kristina Keerov from EMT
2. Ave Peetri from Estonian Television
3. Jukka Blomqvist from Olde Hansa Restaurant
4. Ants Lusti from Leo Express
5. Daniel Vaarik from Hill and Knowlton

Let’s hope none of them drop out because I am the reserve speaker !

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