B2B Digital Marketing Trends

Forrester Research suggests that the recession is advancing B2B digital tactics and B2B digital marketing budget trends are positive for 2009:

“What a difference a year makes. Compared with our year-end 2007 study, the outlook for business-to-business (B2B) marketing budgets is, not surprisingly, dire. Facing budget reductions of 23% on average, most marketers try to fend off deeper cuts while scrambling to keep pipelines full. Those who fail to embrace digital marketing face certain extinction by 2010 as new social buying habits and readily available online information shift purchase power from corporations to communities.”

“As the current recession continues through 2009, a company’s marketing mix must produce sales-ready results using less expensive channels. Digital marketing creates engaging, interesting experiences that rival personal selling without the cost of travel or in-person meeting logistics. Digital also lets marketers foster relationships with more stakeholders than sales can reach as inexpensively or comprehensively. Shifting to interactive tactics now lets marketers not only come out ahead of competitors when the economy turns but also establish new marketing disciplines required to address more Web-savvy and socially connected buyers.

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