B2B usage of social media has limits. Debate.

“Social Media in B2B is just doing what the best B2B businesses always have. It’s listening to the voice of the customer – there’s nothing more it can do.”

At a UK event this was a debated subject.
I thought it was interesting enough to replicate here in Estonia.

At Tallinn Blogfest / e!SOCIAL 2010 a moderated audience debate will hopefully produce strong arguments on both sides of the fence together with an opportunity to network and debate the issues with other B2B marketers.

One opening argument presented in the Uk was this:

“In the UK B2B Barometer survey of attitudes in B2B marketing, 85%of businesses agreed it was foolish for B2B organisations to ignore social media to reach their customers. 75% agreed that social media was more than a passing phase, yet 63% had no social media strategy. And the reason that businesses are slow to implement a social media strategy is that there is only one strategy possible – and that is to use the new channels to monitor what people say about you. There is nothing new in social media strategy it is simply another and more efficient way of listening to your customers. Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and all the other networks just give you away to listen in to online conversations. You cannot influence what people say nor can you use these channels to alter perceptions of your brand. The minute you try to do this, the people you are trying to reach spot the falsehoods and the marketing speak and it just does more harm than good.”

What do you think?
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