Banner Design

Overview of Banner Design

Use of Banners in Online Advertising

A banner is created for advertising purposes as an image that attracts attention, conveys a message and leaves an impression. 

Usually it is possible to click on the banner and through the link attached to it, visitors are then redirected to a previously appointed website landing page where they can complete the suggested actions.

For a banner to truly serve its purpose it has to be visible, recognizable, visually pleasing or entertaining and attractive enough to work as a stimulus for its target group and to help achieve desired measurable engagement.

Banner advertising can be effective for any business that wants to increase brand awareness, drive targeted traffic to their website and generate sales.

  • Attract attention – you can use bright colors, entertaining content, animation, sound or video to encourage people to look at your advert.
  • Use targeted advertising – you can market your products or services on niche websites which attract the right audience and you can even use different adverts for different sites to maximize the results.
  • Banner success can be monitored – you can always keep track of how many people see your adverts, how many click through to your site and how many visitors convert to sales.


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