Habbo Hotel Russia предлагает вакансию менеджера по работе с сообществами пользователей.

Habbo Hotel Russia: ищет опытного, активного менеджера по работе с сообществами пользователей. Офис находится в Москве.

For Immediate Release

Early internet marketing pioneer? me? aw schucks guys…. 🙂

Hiring People for an internet marketing agency in Estonia

Personality and attitude matter more than experience and references when hiring internet marketing people in Estonia

Sad News – No Ross Mayfield at the next Eturundus!

Ross Mayfield unable to attend Eturundus! 6 – Internet marketing event in Tallinn, Estonia postponed to September 2006

Bilingual blog ? Pah! Trilingual blogging is where it is at

Trilingual blog: Blogging in Estonian, English and Russia

Первый блог Алекса

Первый блог Алекса

Metallica Anniversary

Metallica sued Napster – and so I dub you unforgiven


Birgit Naur and Robin Gurney get married !

Estonia: ahead of America? Eesti…Eesti…

Estonia trumps the US? courtesy of a conversation.

Seminar: Great Britain – Entering the global IT market

Tallinn, Estonia: Seminar targeted to the audience of 40 people of primarily IT companies interested in expanding their international grasp of business to the UK market and turning the presence in the international business environment into a competitive advantage. June 6 2006

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