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Our client and partner Pärnu Konverentsid is holding the Pärnu Turunduskonverents 2009 (Marketing Conference) on May 14-15th

We have been involved in choosing the emarketing content, recruiting the emarketing speakers and running a couple of workshops.

We were also asked to come up with innovative ways to promote the event.
So one activity (something we have tried before) was to invite a selection of well read and respected bloggers to write about the issues that would be covered by emarketing speakers at the event.

As an incentive we offered them an opportunity to network with fellow bloggers (a rare thing), free snacks and drinks (including cannabis beer….shhh).

After they arrived we only then announced a free gift from the organisers: a free ticket.

The result was the following bloggers posted.

Kristjan Pillak
Gerd Tarand
Rando Rannus
Silver Hage and Silver Hage again!
Mihkel Mikkelsaar
Taavi Rauniste and Taavi again !
Aarne Toompark
Aivar Ruukel
Mika Tuupola
Henrik Aavik
Peeter Marvet

Once again thank you guys and we also have an apology to make too !

As you can see from the photo, we did not invite any female bloggers ! Shame on us.
Ladies, if you would like to be invited to future blogger events pls send your details to kris at altex dot ee.

Estonian Bloggers Discuss Pärnu Turunduskonverents Topics

Estonian Bloggers Discuss Pärnu Turunduskonverents Topics

Thank you 🙂

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