Blood sausage

As we break for many blood sausages and pickles lets just reflect a moment on a year that seems to have highlighted that marketing is everything and marketing is nothing.

Innovations in product development (one reason why we are pleased Peeter “banner protester” Marvet will be even more involved with altex next year) are marketing’s new “black”.

Internet marketing consultants like me (best title I can think of) have to redefine ourselves.

I am no longer happy to be tagged as purely involved in online advertising (everyone’s first assumption) as online advertising is (merely) a specialised subset of what I do.

Hyperspecialisms like online PR, online community development, usability testing, email marketing, search engine marketing (optimisation and not just Google Ads) etc. are now commonplace and needed (perceived).

Ok I am rambling, its Xmas and I am looking forward to a rest I confess.

What am I saying?

Innovation marketing or vice versa is about using emerging digital technologies and hyperspecialisms to create value for our clients’ clients.

Digital / emarketing is now, at last and at least for those ahead of the game, about creative use of technology to create relevance (through engagement) and not just to pump messages about products that have been created and just need to be sold.

2007 is going to be an interesting year I can tell you that.
See you on the other side of shopping and calorie hell 😉

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