Brazilian Restaurant in Tallinn

Last night I went to the new Brazilian restaurant in Tallinn called Ipanema based inside the Uniquestay Mihkli Hotel on Endla street.
I was there at an event, the annual general meeting for the British Estonian Chamber of Commerce, on behalf of AngloEstonian

I don’t normally write about Tallinn restaurants but as I lived in Portugal for 2 years (I met quite a few Brazilians—-oh and did I say before that I lived in Chile too?) and the boss of this Brazilian restaurant is Portuguese AND because the food and ambience was great.
If you have never had Brazilian beef on a spit, now is your chance…

The downside?
Well the menu is rodizio which means you get unlimited fixed price buffet so no snacks or light meals here.

Verdict: 9/10 if you want a really BIG meaty meal with a Latin flavour (there are veggie and fishy versions too btw)

3 or 4 times a year altex books a Tallinn restaurant for our staff, shareholders and helicopters to catch up on with whats happening with the company and to socialise and all that jazz.

So end of this month we will be going to Ipanema.

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