Bud käivitab oma neti-televisiooni

Nagu kirjutab New York Times Magazine pikemas loos Brew Tube (lugemis-soovitus muideks PaidContent’ilt) on Anheuser-Busch ehk Bud-õlle tootja võtmas tarvitusele meetmeid maailmas, kus 30-sekundiline teleklipp on oma mõju kaotamas:

No turnaround will be possible without capturing the impressionable taste buds of people entering their prime drinking years. But that potential Bud lover is a particularly devilish person to reach and a difficult one to talk to, particularly these days, and particularly through traditional 30-second commercials.

Piisavalt mõtlemapanevat. Iseseisva tarbimisväärtusega reklaam? Reklaamklipi-stsenaariumid mis vajasid edasiarendust, et toimida:

The idea for Bud.TV came to Schumacker about two years ago, when he confronted at least 300 commissioned scripts for commercials piled on his office conference table. “This is insane what we’re doing,” he told his colleagues. Only a handful would make it on to television. And some of these scripts, he saw, could be better if the characters were developed and the story lines were extended, perhaps on the Web, which a younger generation was increasingly turning to not only for information or blabbing with friends but also as an entertainment option.

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