Change the 4 Ps

The Product is experience
The Place is anywhere
The Price is dynamic or exchange
The Promotion is engagement

The 4Ps do need an update for e-age don’t they?

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I agree with Experience, Dynamic/Exchange and Engagement, but not with simply “The Place is anywhere”. Shouldn’t the Place be bit more specific than just “anywhere”?

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The Place is Here

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Robin Gurney

Here, there and everywhere?

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margus —

Place is important and will be important allways. (to meet anywhere? send products anywhere – possible? to be anywhere? live anywere? host website anywhere?) in modern e-age there are more P’s. 7P:

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Robin Gurney

By anywhere I mean that the market place is real and virtual now.
the online market space can be accessed by many devices.
People can research online and buy in a shop or even buy online in a shop or buy online and change it in a shop.
Touch points are everywhere and growing.
The place is everywhere…

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