Connect Estonia accepts altex marketing

Altex just joined Connect Estonia.

1. Money: as we made clear on our blog recently we are open to investment as we have identified a number of exciting directions we could move in if we have additional resources. So we aim to participate and learn from the experts what we need to do to improve our investor readiness and take altex to the next level. Altex is nearly 4 years old (in May) so it’s time to grow up and act like an adult (but still have some fun along the way).

2. Money: Looking at the people involved with Connect Estonia we see a lot of potential clients and partners for our services. We hope to network with more financial people (really we have only done networking in marketing circles before) because we know, and we want to explain, that internet marketing makes sound financial sense in a recession and I bet that many of the companies involved with Connect Estonia would love to get a bigger bang for their marketing buck. True? – Replies from Connect Estonia members welcome offlist 😉

Now of course altex does not usually lay its strategy out for all to see and so I fully expect the usual internet marketing sheep (you know who you are 😉 ) to apply to join Connect Estonia soon.

No, Connect Estonia is not a client and we are not being paid to promote them and this is not some underground technique to get internet marketing agencies to join them. In fact, competitors, forget you ever read this. Connect Estonia –Bah- rubbish, don’t bother….

See you at the Stock Exchange…one day…maybe.

PS talking of sheep. Here’s a joke in case you missed it…sheep joke

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