Altex Experts OÜ

Reg. no: 12350768
VAT no: EE101575175
IBAN: EE852200221055997785
Bank: Swedbank AS

Postal address: Linnu tee 83, Tallinn, 10620, Estonia

Phone:  +372 648 4000
Mobile: +372 553 1434


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All of our experts work (and often also live) online.

Most of our clients businesses are international – spanning many countries or even continents.

Officially our company is located in a country what we affectionately call E-Estonia.

In reality our company is located in Internet.

We have found that we can provide effective and attractively priced services only by concentrating on staying 100% digital and international and not by worrying too much about how to name our meeting rooms or what kind of coffee machines to buy.

If you are interested to see how our experts work stations look like you can take a peek at:

This means that all of our documents, meetings and personal Client Advisers are always just one click away.

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