Conversion Optimization

Overview of Conversion Optimization

Benefits of Conversion Optimization

The purpose and goal of conversion optimization is converting visitors to your website into leads and customers. What is counted as successful conversion depends on the goals you have set. For example conversion can occur when a visitor places an order online, fills out a contact form or signs up for newsletter, sends you an email, or completes any other task you would like to achieve with your website. 

Web Conversion Optimization ensures that website traffic acquired through Search Engines, Social Media or Online Marketing is welcomed and supported by designated web pages that encourage visitors to complete the tasks required, and provide a quality visitor experience.

  • Measurable results– More website visitors not only to come to your site, but make a purchase, sign up for your service, add more to their cart, or complete other tasks you’d like them to.
  • Better revenue– Boost website revenue with decreased shopping cart abandonment rates and increased order size.
  • Get valuable contacts– Encourage membership and newsletter subscriptions.
  • Improve your website– Analyzing the effectiveness of your website and taking care of the underlying problems, can lower bounce rates and overall usability.


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