Could you take altex to the next level?

Things are really starting to take off here at altex: we have been working with some great Estonian companies and despite the fact we do not have a dedicated sales or marketing person we are BUSY.
And there lies the problem we have.

As “the boss” my time is increasingly spent on things where I do not add the most value to the company.
What I want to focus on are key client relationships, development of new partnerships and markets and the bringing to market of several services that we have had planned..for ages.

I just can’t do it all and despite the excellent team we are building here there is a big person that you?

This is who we need:

Head of Estonian Operations / Estonian MD / Senior Partner…call it what you want.

start date ideally may/june 2007

trial period 3-4 months.

trial period salary: net 15-20k based on 5 days per week
after trial period : net 20-25k based on 5 days per week


become a board member after the trial

on target bonus to be agreed based sales /profit generated

“free” shares in the company after one year

after 6 months right to buy a percentage of the shares of the company for “a very low price compared to our value”

Duties and expectations:

to further build and motivate altex’s team in Estonia to produce profitable internet related work in a harmonious atmosphere

to generally make sure we have enough work for a motivated bunch of talented people

to develop the strategic consultancy side of the business

you would be expected to bring in new clients through your contacts and be able to (or learn to) advise them on internet (as part of integrated marketing) strategy, website content strategy and website promotional strategy.

to build good relationships with advertising and PR agencies that leads to them outsourcing internet stuff to us

to raise awareness of the value of SEO in estonia and cement altex’s position as the number 1 SEO provider

to work with Peeter Marvet and Tõnis Hinnosaar to develop the Google Analytics service in Estonia and to establish altex as the first GAAC in the Baltics

to be the face of altex in Estonia and represent us at events (get speaking opportunities) , blog, write and distribute PR to further build on altex’s reputation

to further encourage altex staff and clients that it’s time to experiment – but in a structured and measurable way

to keep altex in the black and see sales revenue grow from quarter to quarter

to attract new forward thinking clients and staff

to feedback on market situation and push for new products and services to be developed

to organise processes to improve the altex administration and service quality generally (we can’t just be the best we have to be perceived to be the best too)

to understand that we are a small company seeking investment to grow further and take steps to assist in that

to help identify acquisition opportunities

to improve E! events

to be generally, flexible and open-minded enough to do whatever is required to help a small ambitious company grow. In other words you will sometimes need to do the smallest tasks to help make deadlines etc.

to understand that our marketing, PR, IT etc. budgets are limited – you will have to think smart and spend low.

etc etc you get the picture

Note that I will still be a full time member of the company and will focus on new business, new products/services, partner development, creating revenue streams from outside Estonia, key client handling.

The right person will have 100% support for all activities and decisions related to the Estonian market.

We would probably ask for a non-compete clause for at least 6 months after leaving the company i.e. that you do not join or create a company that competes with altex’s primary services

Well there we go.
As you can see we are a transparent company, we have nothing to hide and no-one to fear.

If you think this role suits you or someone you know then please get in touch with me personally.
100% confidentialy is assured.
Your approach will be a private one-to-one conversation until mutually agreed and then the others involved in altex will be consulted.

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Robin Gurney

During the initial trial/training period of 3-4 months I would work closely alongside the new “boss” to ensure the handover process was a smoothe (as possible) one

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