CSS3 Overview

Benefits of CSS3

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are a group of formatting rules and options that you can use to control the layout and appearance of the content on a web page.

CSS3 properties can greatly improve the workflow, making some of the most time-consuming CSS tasks simple and allows for better, cleaner and more lightweight markup.

You can choose properties such as font sizes, bolding, italics, text shadows and colors, link colors and much more. More importantly you have rich options for layout tools, boxes, formatting, positioning and you can use animation, gradients, media queries, shadows, transitions. You can also work the font-face rule, that allows you to embed fonts on a web page.

  • Helps to meet your creative needs when building a website.

  • Adds functionality and includes many time-saving features.

  • Advanced selectors help achieve a clean, lightweight markup and better separation of structure and presentation.

  • Possibility of multi-column layouts without having to use multiple divs, so you can give the text a newspaper-like flow.

  • Apply multiple layered backgrounds to an element.

  • Use word-wrap property to prevent long words from overflowing.

  • Consistently style the borders of design elements.

  • Enhance design details by adding shadows to HTML elements and do this without extra markup or background images.



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