"Curiouser and curiouser" said Alice

I love Estonia and it’s really great to be back (I have been living mostly in stinky London for last year and a half) but I guess I still have a lot to learn (apart from the language which I promise to study harder this summer – btw who wants to give me private lessons? -I’ll pay of course) about Estonian attitudes.

E!UK is almost upon us and, to be honest, despite the fact that well over 100 (about 150 I think) people will be there I had expected an even bigger response.


Well the people and the companies represented are really bl**dy good.

I have never seen such a good line up of e-marketers here in Estonia and I am not saying that just because we are organising the event.

Consider the pedigree of these three:

Golley Slater, a top 30 full service, ROI orientated, agency for over a decade (formed in 1957) employing over 300 people – Alastair is is their Interactive Services Director with 13 years experience.

Laura Bambach of GlueLondon : GlueLondon are the agency’s agency. Voted the most respected creative digital agency for 4 years running but “only” the 20th biggest in the UK. Winner of numerous awards including 3 CyberLions in 2007. Laura is the Creative boss aka Head of Art of a team of 100+

Jon Bains, Boss of Lateral has been doing groundbreaking work for Levi’s (and many others) for more than a decade. He’s is one of very few guru-techies with a solid understanding of marketing.

I could go on about Sam, Craig and Marcel too but the point I am trying to make here is that if Estonian marketers want more digital marketing gurus to come and “share” then its important to come to events like these.

I personally take some of the blame for the low turnout (I had hoped for 250 people) because I forgot that Estonian marketers don’t know all these UK companies or these speakers. I thought they were famous everywhere !

I wrote the E!UK event description for the website and I guess it doesn’t really persuade as well as it should. (I know it sucks a bit doesn’t it?)

In my defence I have had some personal health issues to deal with this last month which have sucked a great deal of my time (I am fine now – thanks)

Anyway it’s not too late to book..

Anyway I hope its a great event and if you are one of the ones there on Wednesday I hope you think so too.

If all goes well with E!UK we will do another one with UK speakers and other events with people in from other EU countries and Russia too…that’s the plan anyway.

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Kai Pata

hello stranger,following my twitter path, seems we share some interest of e-things

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Robin Gurney

for those who are wondering what the hell twitter is then go here..

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Sam Michel

Glad you’re on the mend.

Really looking forward to the event on Wed. I’m sure me and the other UK types heading over will learn a lot from the experience and hope the audience will gain a lot from the event.

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