Customer Engagement Survey

In a recent Customer Engagement Survey they asked questions like:

1. But how effective are we in engaging our customers?
2. How ready are we to exploit our chosen medium?
3. And what will future customer relationships look like?

The findings are divided into the following sections:

– Measuring Customer Experience
– Customer Engagement
– Segmentation and Personalisation
– Barriers to customer experience and technology investment

Some key findings:

1. 42% are planning to apply user-generated content (UGC) to their websites in the next 12 months; 23% are using it already.
2. 35% are planning to use corporate blogs in the next 12 months; 17% are using them already.
3. 33% are planning to use podcasting in the next 12 months; 18% using it already.
4. 35% are planning to use videocasting in the next 12 month; 17% using it already.

Company respondents deem the five greatest “barriers” to delivering the best possible customer experience to be:

1. Lack of resources / time (regarded as a “great barrier” by 66% of company respondents)
2. Disconnected systems and technologies (50%)
3. Lack of skills and training (38%)
4. Lack of finances (37%)
5. Lack of regular processes and / or suitable methodology (36%)

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