Dave Chaffey and Katri Kerem are nice people.

It’s true.

Recently I was invited to lecture at the Estonian Business School.

This is an honour but a bit scary too. It has been a while since I taught formally. The last time I taught a degree level course was at Ankarra University in Turkey some years ago.

However I have trained a few people, given some lectures and talks etc so I am not a novice completely (EBS WILL be pleased to know that!)

Anyway, I digress from the point of this post.

I needed some help, major help, putting together a syllabus for this e-commerce/ emarketing / ebusiness (let’s not go into definitions today – another time maybe) course.

So I shouted for help.

To David Chaffey and Katri Kerem. And guess what?

They have been amazing. Sharing tips and knowledge that will help make the course even better than I had hoped.

So David, Katri take a bow. You are officially ‘stars’. Thankyou.

Katri does not have a website but is a well known Estonian lecturer on e issues (and other stuff too).

David is a well known internet marketer with an excellent internet marketing blog

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