Do YOU Want to Do Something About the Situation in Estonia?

This is circulating in the Baltics….


On the 8th of May, 11:45, we encourage every free and conscious citizen to join the action of solidarity of the Baltic States “We are together! Free and independent!”
This action is meant to support Estonia and to remind the old members of the European Union, as well as the rest of the world that the silence from Europe at the crucial moments used to become a tragedy for the Baltic States.

Everyone who is civic-minded and concerned about the incidents in Estonia, every person, every organization, a politician, and a journalist or a media man is invited to join the action. Everyone wishing to participate please e-mail on
The action begins at 11:45 a.m. on May 8th in Vilnius, at the Cathedral square (the permits are pending).

If we succeed to gather together not only the Lithuanians, but the Latvians and the Estonians too, at 12:05, at the same time in Vilnius, Riga, and Tallinn and on the borders of these states, expressing the will and the strength of the Baltic States, we will stand shoulder to shoulder keeping hand in hand. Remembering the Baltic Way, the Lithuanians, the Latvians and the Estonians will declare that during the greatest times of challenges, the Baltic States will stand together.

The accident (incident) which began at the end of April showed that the problems of security still have not been solved, they just took a different and an intangible shape.
The skirmish in Tallinn was a serious warning and a future lesson for the all three Baltic States. The fact that it was not only the internal problem was proven by an inadequate reaction of Russian government and a tendentious role of Russian media, as well as the problems faced when trying to ensure the security of the Estonian diplomats in Moscow.
This event showed once again what a big influence and pressure can be experienced by the sovereign Baltic States. In the context of these events, the silence from the European politicians reminded the severe moments of Lithuania’s, Latvia’s and Estonia’s struggle for freedom.

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We are together —

Dear Estonian friends,
Thank you for responding.
We’ve sent several letters to various people and organizations in Estonia suggesting to take the initiative to organize the event in Estonia. However, we haven’t received definite answers yet. It means that we still haven’t found someone or some organization which could take the leading role and coordinate the action in your country. Therefore we give you the mailing list of the people who replied to us that they would like to join the action in Estonia.
The responsibility of showing solidarity is not only in our hands, but in your hands too. Therefore we would be grateful if you contacted with each other and discuss who could take the leading role in organizing this action in Estonia.
We know that the actions in Tallinn are forbidden. Therefore we suggest you to show the solidarity with the flags of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia hanging from the windows of your homes and offices. The same applies to all other working people of the Baltic States, not able to participate directly. All the other activities, based on the peaceful means and the principle of non-violence, are welcomed in every single town and village of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, with the coordinated forming of the human chains as our main defining characteristic.
Another thing we want to do is to send people to the borders of Lithuania-Latvia and Estonia-Latvia. As we know, 10 people on one side and 10 on the other can meet without permissions from government. If people meet at the borders, they also could hold hands and in this way show the solidarity of Baltic countries. We strongly invite you to respect the law and to inform the authorities about every mass-action you are going to organize. Do not pay attention to any possible attempt to provoke you!
To succeed, we have to continue an ever expanding information campaign throughout our states and abroad, declaring our goals and the necessity for a peaceful action. We would kindly ask you to use every possible mean, first of all on the Internet, to spread our message further on.
We all stay united – hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder: Lithuanians, Latvians, Estonians, Russians and every other peace loving ethnic group of the Baltic states!

Mailing list: supplied

I have removed the mailing list to protect the privacy of those people.
We did not expect to receive that posted directly to the comments.
We will consider what to do and who to share it with.

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