Blog recently interviewed Rok Hrastnik interview with Rok Hrastnik about the joys of RSS

I am a “fan” of both and Rok who spoke at one Eturundus! event here in Tallinn (and not because we share a similar taste in facial hair)

The interview answered these RSS-related questions:

1. You are a huge enthusiast of RSS. What are the basics?
2. Can you sum up the opportunities for businesses?
3. How big is RSS at the moment? Can you help separate hype from reality by giving us an overview of RSS usage / adoption (by consumers / businesses)?
4. Are there any early success stories to share?
5. Many online publishers will be used to sending out newsletters or alerts by email, but how can RSS be used in conjunction with email?
6. How do you track RSS usage? What sort of metrics are there? Any suggested tools to help people do this?
7. Can RSS be used as an advertising medium? Should it be used in this way?
8. Which companies do you think are leading the way in the deployment of RSS?
Rok Hrastnik

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