e!Meedia is a new altex event that has the potential to accelerate fundamental change in the Estonian media landscape forever.

It is perhaps the most important event we have organised so far.

What comes out of these presentations and discussions is likely to cause a reshaping of campaign media budgets in the future.

If you are involved in traditional offline or online advertising/marketing campaigns on either agency or client side then this is an event you cannot afford to miss.
Web publishers who rely on banner revenues should also pay close attention.


What should be the role of the internet in a media campaign?
For some time internet marketing specialists (like altex) have been pushing for internet marketing to play a larger role in media campaigns.
Up to now most clients, advertising agencies and media planners have generally considered the internet as a single channel…and that has generally meant “banners”.
But the times are changing…fast.

Client pressure to include a role for search marketing, social media and email marketing is increasing to the point where it cannot be ignored any longer.

It has been argued that email and search marketing are best for direct response and banners are best for branding…but what about social media?
Doesn’t that have a powerful branding role too?
There are many more questions.

In a typical advertising campaign budget should the lines be redrawn?
Should there now be 5 lines in the internet section of the plan?
1. Banners & Rich media
2. Email Marketing
3. Search Marketing
4. Social Media
5. And Analytics (to measure the results)?

And if this change should happen then where does the extra budget come from?
From the banner budget?
Or from traditional media budget?

Internet adoption is growing fast.
Traditional media is in decline.

Should a greater proportion of offline media budget be diverted to email, search and social?
Or is the banner budget under threat?

Where can agencies acquire the skills and knowledge to make email, search and social work best for them?
Is it time for best practice or is this still the age of experimentation?

At E!Meedia you will not hear the “biased” views of altex or any other internet marketing specialist.

Instead you will hear senior representative from portals, news media and media planners share their views about if and how campaign planning and budgeting should change in the future to accommodate the explosion of consumer interest in, and usage of, email, search engines and social media.

Confirmed speakers so far are:
· Jaanus Lillenberg (Development and Marketing Manager, Postimees Online)
· Hanno Kindel (Development Manager, Media House)
· Sten Klemm (Advertising Sales Manager, Neti &
· Allan Sombri (Sales and Marketing Director, Delfi)
. Erti Luik (Digital Media Specialist of the Group, BIGBANK)
. Toomas Tepomes (Managing Director, Gemius Eesti)

Each speaker will share their opinions and experiences.
Presentations will be followed by a panel discussion moderated by Andri Viiand (altex marketing)

Date: December 16th, 2009
Time 1-5pm
Location: KUMU
Cost: One person per company can come free.
This is altex’s Christmas gift to the Estonian marketing community.
Additional people employed by the same company 1000eek + vat each.

Included: Light refreshments on arrival.

More details and booking form to follow.

You can reserve your place now by emailing
Please use subject line E!Meedia

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There are 11 comments .

Jüri Kaljundi

Sounds like fun, I’ll come. Hope to find my revenue model there 😀

Reply »
Robin Gurney

great, as you know, you are always more than welcome at altex events Jüri

Reply »
Toomas Tepomes

This is definately a very useful event with great performers, i will try my best to be present

Reply »
Rando (smartAD)

Very good approach! I’ll try to be there…

Reply »
Deniss Karavajev

Great Christmas present! Online vs traditional marketing – always an interesting topic.

Reply »
mikk orglaan

Indeed, well chosen topic. Names make diferences. Just had a lunch with our own it guys and discussed about what is marketing. Turned out that pretty much everything that was valueable information for decisionmakers qualified as marketing spam for it guys. Hope I will hear something that helps me and my customers during next days of close future.

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Karlis —

Good agenda and topic. What will be language of event? Will you provide translation for non-Estonian speakers?

Reply »
Robin Gurney

great to hear positive feedback, I hope you all spread the news.
the event will be in Estonian but there is one international speaker, not confirmed yet, who would speak in English if he comes.
As this event is about the Estonian media situation we have decided it is not viable to provide English translation. Sorry Karlis.

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Karlis —

Sad to hear that, Robin. If we mean the same international speaker then I am from the same company. Latvians / Latvian companies are very interested in Estonian media situation.

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Robin Gurney

We are making the seats free and this event will already lose money (its a gift to the marketing community) so we cant justify additional expense for professional live translators (you need two) and headsets etc.
HOWEVER I can say that we will write a blog post in English with keypoints from the event..

Reply »
Robin Gurney

@karlis and all
I could add that if someone wants to sponsor the event then we could justify hiring translators etc.
If anyone wants to suggest a sponsor we can approach (who actually has a cash budget) then let me know.

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