I have been selected as Chairman for the Estonian Internet Awards.
The event is organised by Best Marketing and ADC Estonia (the Art Directors Club of Estonia).

I was originally a jury member but was promoted to chairman – an honour I feel (to lead the jury in this first Internet Awards competition in Estonia).

I have been involved since the start.
This new awards competition came out of my and a number of other people’s dissatisfaction with the status quo.
Janno Siimar (Velvet), Mika Tuupola (Taevas) and I, and others later, discussed the idea of a new award that was not just a beauty parade and paid attention to other important factors.

Then ADC and Best Marketing entered the picture and took up the gauntlet, moved it forward and here we are now with a new competition. Fantastic.

Given that many of the initial discussions were online in Twitter, Blogs and forums this shows in itself the power of social media to affect change.

I have sat on a number of juries before but this is my first shot as Chairman but I will do my best to remain professional, impartial and to remove any political decision making from the jury award decision making process – in other words it will be a fair fight.

I should declare that altex has entered the awards but as Chairman I have no right to vote or influence the jury.

About ADCE and Best Marketing

Best Marketing are organisers of numerous events including Best Internet (which this year we are sponsoring, speaking and exhibiting at).

I spoke to Margus Klaar (ADCE) and he said: “ADC is a bunch of people tired of the status quo and want to improve marketing, communication, design and creativity in general”. He added “good is not good enough”.

Fine sentiments indeed and I look forward to overseeing this exciting new competition and my firm hope is that the jury see fit to reward work that is effective, original and beautiful – if such combinations exist among the entries.

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