Elion & Widevine

Elion—the largest telecommunications provider in Estonia—has chosen Widevine to protect premium broadcast channels for its DigiTV service and enable its acquisition of video-on-demand content.

“Elion evaluated Widevine with other content protection vendors including Latens, Verimatrix, SecureMedia and Conax,” said Jaan Inno, Head of IP and Datacom Development at Elion.

“After further due diligence, we deployed trials of Widevine, Latens and Verimatrix. Only Widevine was able to prove its system was operable in the video ecosystem we deployed.
That critical factor, along with Widevine’s proven legacy of delivering downloadable conditional access, digital rights management and digital copy protection to market, made Widevine the natural selection for the first national deployment of IP video services in Estonia.”

“With broadband penetration rates over 13 percent, the highest in Eastern Europe, Estonia represents an excellent environment for the rapid IPTV growth. Widevine is delighted to enable Elion and other Baltic operators to get their deployments operational and be competitive with incumbent cable and satellite video operators,” said Brian Baker, President and CEO of Widevine.

“We look forward to growing with Elion as they grow their broadcast subscribers and expand their services to include premium VOD services later in the year.”

More about this in Widevine press release

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