Email Design

Overview of Email Design

Benefits of Email Design

The tone and design elements of emails convey, support and represent your business communication and brand style.

Determining the main purpose and goal of an email communication and understanding the audience, their needs and interests, is critical for developing an effective email design.

For example newsletters should have a different design and layout than a sales or campaign emails or brand-building emails. Recipients of the emails look for visual cues and want a logical build-up to guide them comfortably through the content.

Before creating and developing an email design, it is important to determine the hierarchy of main objectives and content strategy for the email message, as this helps to designate where to place different elements such as call-to-action buttons, texts, links, phone numbers and images within the email.

One more thing designers take into account during the design phase, is the email content and email filter compatibility. Content filters manage the delivery of emails- separating spam from opt-in and valid email messages. This technical setup can affect the success of an email campaign or newsletter visibility and readability considerably and should be taken into account during the design process.

  • Goal oriented design brings results– Effective email design plays an essential role in branding and has a direct correlation with high click-through and conversion rates.
  • Structure and content compatibility– Optimal layout and content build can vary depending on business area and objective of the email. Working key elements located in right places deliver maximum impact.
  • Technical conformity– Design affects how email platforms filter, categorize and display messages, which can affect visibility and reach of your emails.


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