Email marketing- newsletter or no newsletter, that is the question…

Why send newsletter to your clients?

Roughly it is possible to describe the purpose of newsletters this way:

1. They are used to carry out promotions and campaigns- for example all goods now -60%, this is also something that voucher portals rely on a lot.

2. They are used to actively share information about a product/service with a purpose of raising brand awareness and to promote making purchases. Regularly giving out new information allows your product to become familiar to buyers and encourages the person making decisions to feel more secure and comfortable choosing something they recognize and have enough information about beforehand.

What are the benefits of sending out newsletters?

Newsletter is a tool or medium for communicating with your clients and it gives you the opportunity for gathering information, as well as sending it out.

It is wise to create a comprehensive communication chain right from the start- this involves setting up the way you welcome your clients when they subscribe to your newsletter, creating a content strategy for your letters, thinking about the tone and voice of communication, the regularity of newsletter send-outs and even how and what way you are going to react proactively when a reader unsubscribes (inquiring the reason and so on).

The decision how often to send out newsletters depends on the specific field and nature of the business you are in. There are circumstances when it is reasonable to send out newsletters every week and there are situations when it is more effective to send out newsletters monthly or every three months. The main thing is, that you really have something new to tell your readers.

The analytical part that follows after sending out the newsletters, gives you a better understanding, who are the interested parties and who you can consider to be potential buyers. Also it shows what products or topics managed to generate the most interest in your clients.

This can be explained using a travel agency example. Lets consider the situation, where you have three travel destination (Spain, France and Turkey) offers to promote. After sending out the newsletter, where you have given information about those offers and including links that allow readers to investigate and look into those offers further, you can see how many of those readers were interested in exact offers and if needed you can even create a list of people, who favored one or other. This way you can collect information, that allows you to offer the content they want, to right target groups.


Newsletter is also an excellent way of reminding your clients about your company or products, without being too invasive or pushy.
It’s up to your readers, when or where they are going to acquaint themselves with the content of the newsletter. Also they can always return to it later and look up information when they feel like it.
In so many other cases the contact with the advertisement or information is too short and brief to make any lasting impression, for example advertisement seen outdoors while driving leaves a person in a situation where it is really hard to verify or check the information they saw in any way. In other hand, people who have read your newsletter online and have found something in it, that was of interest to them, can always return to it and even share it quite easily with their friends.

Less work, more results

Sadly not all marketing people are aware of the possibilities and advantages that email marketing offers to them, brought to life by the constant development done on email marketing technologies. It is a huge difference that a well-functioning information system can make.
The truth of the situation is, that it is quite common for companies to have customer data in one database and their newsletter list in other information system. Thus you are forced to continuously work at moving the data around, when necessary or this can even lay grounds to a situation where some of the contacts get information about campaigns or offers and some of them are just accidentally overlooked, because of the information clutter.
This situation ensures that the database that has been gathered with hard work cannot fulfill its potential or true purpose.
The possibility of synchronizing your business software with your newsletter software, saves you a lot of time and money and ensures that everyone you want and need to reach through email, you can and will.
Furthermore, have you thought about how to incorporate your newsletter and information you have on your Facebook page, so you can avoid doing the repetitive work while trying to communicate the same information? In the end it’s quite simple, because now you can have email software that allows you to post the content you have in your newsletter automatically on your Facebook wall as well.

Why do you need good software?

Good software is something that prevents sending out “broken” emails, where you have unpleasant technical complications happening that distract the reader, like the problems with pictures or illustrations, where they do not open properly or are even reformatted as additional files, that are attached to the email.
These hard to read emails, can become a big problem and can work fast on quickly shrinking your contact list of those people, who have once given their permission to receive your emails and still want them.

Email software also has the support of servers, which allows it to distribute the strain of sending out bulk emails. Otherwise it can happen, that when you need to send out thousand of emails, you will be blocked as someone who is spamming, because the system detects abnormal amount of outgoing emails. Different email servers have variable email quantities that you are allowed to send through during one minute, so to achieve successful newsletter distribution you can actually have your software doing all the important calculations and work for you.

Measuring- let it become your ally

Do you know what happens to your newsletters after you have clicked on the send it button? How many people open them and really read them? Are they interested in opening the links in the email? Who uses what means to receive and read the information? Do they use their computers or mobile phones? This is only the fraction of information that is being processed and recorded for your benefit and later use, by the software. You can even manage and create graphs and statistical illustrations about the purchases and behavior that has happened with the aid of campaign newsletters, so you can have the information in visual form and easily accessible overview in front of your eyes whenever you need it.

The most important question

Now lets circle back to the most important question you should ask yourself, once again- newsletter or no newsletter? If the answer is yes, the next question should be, newsletter that works or just a newsletter?
In marketing there is always the possibility of putting in loads of hard work, whereas the results reveal themselves as something vague and difficult to measure. Email marketing solutions are developed and worked on constantly, to make it more efficient and productive, because you can get an access to huge number of people via internet, but the amount of information those people have signed up for to receive daily is enormous. It is the golden rule, that in the end only the emails that have some value or new content to offer and are technically clean are the ones being read.
The rest of those emails just travel to trash, because life is too short to waste it…


Marek Metsalu


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