Email Software Setup

Overview of Email Software

Benefits of Email Software

Many marketers find themselves living in a self-imposed “technical stone-age” when it comes to handling newsletter databases and using the email list opportunities that a good smoothly working info-system and software could offer to them. 

Usually the problem with the database is, that it is too fragmented, with several lists with clients information in one database and list of newsletter receivers in other files, which culminates with a whole lot of work moving around the data. It can be that in this situation some of the contacts get lost or get left out from getting the necessary information. If this happens then the work you have put into gathering clients or prospects contact information can go to waste and your database is not fulfilling its potential or goals.

The chance to synchronize your business software with email newsletter software saves you a lot of effort and gives you certainty that everyone you’d like to reach through email, you will reach.

Good software eliminates the problem of “broken” emails, where the content is overshadowed by recurring unpleasant and irritating technical problems. For example the pictures not opening correctly or they get added as an attachments to the letter. These problems can quickly scare away your readers and potential clients, making all the hard work you have put into acquiring those contacts go to waste.

Email software also offers the support through several servers, which diffuses the strain of the bulk email send-out.

One more important tool is the built-in analytics option. Do you know what happens after you have sent out your newsletter? How many of the receivers open and really read the letter? How many of them open the links you have imbedded in your email? Who is interested in what info? How are the letters opened, by using the computer or mobile phones? This knowledge can be gathered for you, so you can analyze and use it for your future marketing approach.

  • Full control over the visual aspects of emails
  • Segmentation possibilities
  • Personalization possibilities
  • Efficiency (sends out 10,000 emails in a couple of minutes)
  • Automatic responses (e.g “Thank you for subscribing!”)
  • Automatic mail list management (takes care of bounces, subscriptions, unsubscriptions, etc)
  • Allows testing and improving the efficiency of emails
  • Gathers useful data about reader preferences and interests


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