Emetrics Summit 2007

altex is sending two people to Emetrics Summit 2007 in London on March 29th and 30th.
It’s the top international event and it reflects our commitment to invest in people.

Check out the agenda.

I also have manged to get a great deal from Jim Sterne which means delegates from Estonia can get 50% discount. (Its a 2 for 1 deal but we can take one person from one company and one from another etc)
If you want to join Tõnis Hinnosaar and Peeter Marvet on this trip then please get in touch with them or me (Skype: altexor or robin (at) altex dot ee ) and we will give you more details.

If you are serious about working out how to make your website more effective at converting visitors to action then this is the place to be..

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Dennis R. Mortensen

Hi Robin,

It was an absolutely fantastic event this year – did you managed to go yourself or?

Dennis R. Mortensen, COO at IndexTools
My Web Analytics Blog – and my quick comments to Emetrics London 2007

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Robin Gurney

I didn’t get to go but two of our people did and I expect they will be commenting soon….but maybe in Estonian !!!!!

From what I understand it was worthwhile and the networking was excellent.

All the best

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