e!PR PR Internetis / Internet PR Seminar

e!PR internet PR seminar/workshop will take place on June 18th.

David Phillips Book: Online Public Relations

David Phillips Book: Online Public Relations

David Phillips FIPR will launch his new book, ‘Online Public Relations’, in Estonia.
Each participant will get a free copy.
He will stress what he thinks are the main trends in internet PR.

In addition David will share knowledge on the main activities that Public Relations Officers (PROs) could be conducting in-house or asking for from their PR agencies and the most powerful services PR agencies should be developing.

Bringing insights he has provided this year to organisations like the UK’s Cabinet Office, Central Office of Information, National Health Service and the UK telecom Regulator, Ofcom, as well as the advice he gives to UK leading Covent Garden PR agencies, he will suggest how Estonian PR agencies could develop new revenue streams.

Following his presentation there will be an open floor discussion of related Internet PR issues.

Update 13 April: Key note talk and subsequent discussion co-moderation by Villu Arak, CEO of Hill & Knowlton.
The other co-moderator will be Hille Hinsberg, Estonian Government Communication Officer.

When June 18th 2-5pm
Where? Altex seminar room
How much 2500 + vat
NOTE Max 35 seats.
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