e!SPÄMM – Fighting spam in Estonia

There is little doubt that email marketing when conducted professionally is an important and effective channel and worthy of inclusion in the marketing mix.

However, spam is more than annoying, it’s time consuming, damages reputations, is morally wrong, often illegal and also ties up bandwidth and resources on computers and routers all over the Internet.

What can be done to reduce spam and yet still keep email marketing working for the benefit of all?

e!SPÄMM conference on April 15th in Tallinn aims:
· To provoke debate around the key issues
· To identify “what is spam” and the legal and moral positions for list owners, advertisers, email software developers and email marketing agencies.
· To clarify the terminology used in email marketing

A successful outcome will be if advertisers, agencies, software developers and internet services providers all learn and act upon new ideas that have the end result of reducing spam in Estonia and making ethical email marketing more popular and effective.

Details about speakers, subjects, booking etc. will follow soon.

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Very important topic indeed. 

Ironic that this blog post created a whole lot of Twitter spam:!SP%C3%84MM+-+Fighting+spam+in+Estonia

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Robin Gurney

yeah ironic indeed but not intentional. hope to see you there Peep.

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Robin Gurney

e!SPÄMM conference and booking details

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