Estonia and Russia: cyber war goes on

Nice to see The Economist beginning to acknowledge the serious implications of the cyber attacks on Estonia.

As we commented at Global Neighbourhoods this is serious, really.

“As Angela Merkel reflects on a Russian cybertank on EU territory she might contemplate which assets are under attack – perm one or all four: sovereignty, territory, resource, or ideology….”

Anyway have a good weekend and read on…

….The alarm is sounding well beyond Estonia. NATO has been paying special attention. “If a member state’s communications centre is attacked with a missile, you call it an act of war. So what do you call it if the same installation is disabled with a cyber-attack?” asks a senior official in Brussels. Estonia’s defence ministry goes further: a spokesman compares the attacks to those launched against America on September 11th 2001. Two of NATO’s top specialists in internet warfare, plus an American colleague, have hurried to Tallinn to observe the onslaught. But international law is of little help, complains Rein Lang, Estonia’s justice minister……

Read the full article here: Estonia Russia A Cyber Riot

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