Estonia v England Football – Euro 2008

Oh yes!
Oh yes!

We (altex employees) are now the proud owner of 10 Estonia v England football tickets 🙂

6 June 2007, come on, hurry up !

Who do you think I will be supporting?

Yeah, right 😉

PS We have got tickets for all the others games too 🙂

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Then who you will support? And stop joking, its a serious issue;)

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Robin Gurney

Of course I reserve the right to change my mind, and (as marketer) you can obviously not trust anything I say but….

I will support Estonia for the Tallinn game.

However my support won’t change the result 😉

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Come on the England!

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If only your friends from England would read this blog!!!

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Robin Gurney

You are right, I will have serious explaining to do.

Probably I will have to buy many beers to say how sorry I am for my error of judgement 😉

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kristo —

I have 2 tickets to estonia-england match. 200£ 2 ticket. If you are interesting, my phone nr is +37256318284

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