Estonian Business School students judge Robin Gurney

I recently completed teaching and examining the eBusiness course at the Estonian Business School in Tallinn Estonia.

Like I had to “judge” the students, they also got the opportunity to judge me too !

A chance for revenge ? After all I did not “pass” everyone !

1. Aine esituse selgus ja loogilisus 4,5(6)
2. Õppejõu asjatundlikkus, kompetentsus 5,7(6)
3. Loengu ettevalmistuse tase 5(6)
4. Suhtlemine kuulajatega, dialoogilisus 4,8(6)
5. Täpsus, aineprogrammi järgimine, tähtaegadest kinnipidamine 5,8(6)
6. Nõudlikkus (tudengilt nõutakse iseseisvat ja järjepidevat tööd, kergelt läbi ei saa) 5,2(6)
7. Loengute vastavus kursuse eesmärgile 5,2(6)
8. Õppematerjalide asjakohasus ja kvaliteet 4,7(6)
9. Rakenduslike harjutuste piisavus 5,8(6)
10. Loengute seostatavus minu erialaga ja teiste ainetega 5,3(6)
11. Üldhinnang kursusele 4,8(6)

For those of you who do not speak Estonian – they thought it was a pretty good course. I was especially happy to get 5.7 out of 6.0 for professionalism/competency.

My only defence for some of the lower (than 5.0 out of 6.0) marks was that I was given a very short time to prepare the teaching materials…I replaced another lecturer at very short notice…and I guess I was a bit rusty too if the truth is known.

However I really enjoyed the experience and was especially pleased when some of the students said how practically useful the course was.

If I am invited again I am sure I (we) could do an even better job next time.

I remember one student said: ” I don’t care about the grade but I will go back to my company and make sure they read some of these materials and that they take internet marketing far more seriously.”

Cool 🙂

I cannot take all the credit though: the course was a team effort and so many thanks again to Dave Chaffey, Rain Rannu, Katri Kerem and Peeter Marvet who contributed hugely to making it a success 🙂

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