NEW Estonian digital marketing awards … but association?

Early April 2009 I blogged about Estonian e-marketing awards and association issues.

This is an update:

On the awards front I know good progress is being made and some parties have joined forces and are at detail level. I don’t want to say more because I am not one of the main players and it would be unfair of me to “steal their thunder”.

But the bottom line is Estonia will, I believe, have a new digital emarketing awards program Hooray !

On the association side its less clear:

As I previously reported:
“One of the people who has been looking at the Association idea is Priit Kallas. A week or so ago he said he did not have time and there seemed to be no interest. However it now seems after a bit of prompting that he can find some time and is discussing it with “friends” as there obviously is some interest. The MTÜ website Priit set up for the association is currently running as an SEO experiment (it only promotes a few companies/individuals).”

Well it appears that that’s changed… now promotes a commercial activity “massive money, money, money making internet event… mmm” between Priit and Peep Laya so I don’t quite get how that fits with MTÜ Internet Marketing Association status or did I miss some recent announcement about that?
Has Priit given up on the association idea now? and is using the MTÜ for some other purpose?
Priit – share your views please on this blog or your own.

Also Henrik Aavik was working on the Association side from presumably another angle and I hope he can update us on his progress or thoughts soon. This morning he was busy at Netiturunduse töötuba Peeter Marveti ja praktikutega as this blog post “went to press”.

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margus —

MTÜ – this one of the cheapest way to register .ee domain in estonia. MTÜ registration costs less than OÜ registration. there is no magic. domain ower can do what he wants. it’s competition. correct me if it not so…

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Robin Gurney

I am not a legal expert but I guess you are right Margus.
Supposedly though this was not Priit’s motive and I would not like to think he has been deceiving us all – I am sure that’s not what you are suggesting.

What concerns me though is that we “the internet marketing community” were given the impression that this MTÜ was going to operate an internet marketing association to support our industry and this was backed up by recent comments from and dialogue with Priit Kallas.

I think if the association idea has been dropped (has it Priit?) then there is a moral duty to say something to the community and not just replace it with a private venture. Don’t you?

Whatever the legal position, its more a question of morals and credibility IMHO.

I am not making a public judgement yet as I think its fair to raise questions and challenge this issue and wait to see a response from Priit and then make a final comment as appropriate.

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